Private Medical Insurance


Private Medical Insurance (PMI) is designed to provide your employees with access to private healthcare facilities should they require treatment for an acute medical condition.


PMI provides your employees, with the knowledge that treatment is available quickly if they become ill or injured and that they have the choice about when treatment will take place, the hospital and the specialist who treats them.

Although different private medical plans can vary in the level of cover they provide, treatment usually starts with a referral by a GP to an appropriate specialist. From the GP, it is then dependant on the level of cover provided by the PMI policy as to whether any treatment would take place privately or via the NHS.

What is then available depends on the type of plan, a basic policy may only provide for private treatment which requires a stay in hospital either as a day-patient or inpatient, whereas a more comprehensive plan would provide for diagnostic tests and specialist consultations, without the need to stay in hospital.

Private Medical Insurance is designed to work alongside, not to replace, all the services offered by the NHS. Services such as accident and emergency and the treatment of chronic conditions are not usually covered.

As an employer, by proving Private Medical Insurance, you are not only providing benefits to help the recruitment process but will helping to speed up the treatment and, therefore, the return to work of sick colleagues.

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