Should a key person, partner or director of your company die or develop a critical illness, business protection helps to secure your company by making sure you can afford to continue to trade.

When running a business, there is always an element of uncertainty. Products and equipment can be replaced and buildings reconstructed, however the recovery or replacement of a key person is nowhere near as straight forward.

Once someone has suffered from a critical illness, there is no guarantee that they will be able to perform at the same level they did beforehand, or even return to work. For reasons like this, it is extremely important that protection such as critical illness  and life cover are in place to ensure that should your employee be unable to return to work, the business will still be able to cope financially.

The main difference between business protection and any other type of protection is that business protection generally deals with higher sums assured. Benefits can be paid out to the company or to family, depending on the type of policy .

There are several options available, each designed for specific scenarios.


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